Well in January up and down is a good description.

Cash tables I have played 9116 hands and I'm down $26.13

25 cent 45 mans played 32 and down $0.88

 I was doing ok in Zoom and hit a big down swing so I switched to full ring regular tables, was doing ok there then after a few days slowed up, so I  switched to 6 max was doing very welldoing well hit a bump yesterday.

What conclusions can we draw from this well on the face of it we could say based on the 12 days of this year I'm best at 6 max (highest profit).  But let's think about this, I'm ok at reading hands and while concentrating I can turn a profit, as I get more complacent with the game I'm playing (I think) the less I concentrate on player reads, switching to a new game means I tend to concentrate as I get comfortable with the new game and so I win, then as I get comfortable I stop reading as much.

So to get around that,  I'm

a) acknowledging that is what I'm doing.
b) Take a break so next week no cash tables on Monday and Tuesday
c) Putting in a stop loss of 3 buy ins
d) Work on my hand reading

So with that in mind I may fire up a few tables.

Grade b