Yearly Goal

By the end of 2013 I would like to be a more knowledgeable NLHE able to regularly beat the micro stakes level.  My goal is to be comfortably playing 2 levels higher than where I start from on Jan 1st (starting at the 5 cent level do like to be playing and beating the 16 cent level by 31st Dec) I will do this by Reading poker books, Attending live trainings, and making use of the video archive at PSO.

Monthly goals

• Watch  4 Videos.
• Read for 8 hours
• Attend  4 relevant live trainings (where my schedule does not allow me to attend I will add to number of videos I watch.)
• Do 4 hours of hand reviews on my own play.

Weekly goals

• Play in sessions that do not last beyond an hour without a break (ring games)
• Play no more than 16 hours per week. (ring games)( The hours will be relaxed during holidays, to no more than 25.)
• 1 hours hand review (PT4)
• 2 hours reading
• Attend 1 live training
• Watch 1 Video
• Play SnG / MTTs within my budget

I start 2013 with a bankroll of  just over $166 Plus 12 Daily dollar tickets and one little big tournament ticket .  I have also qualified for the Premier League in January.

I will split my bankroll like this for January
$150 - Ring games (starting at 5nl see below)
$16 - SnG
tickets - as per game

Bank Roll Management


I will follow the following guidelines for Bankroll management.

Ring Games*
I'm Starting at 5nl but will drop to 2NL if my Bankroll falls below $100
then shot at 10NL with bank roll of $240 fall back at $200
$464 shot at 16NL, but have to move down to 10NL fall back  $400
$740 first shot at 25NL, but have to move down to 16NL fall back to $640
$1200 first shot at 50NL, but have to move down to 25NL fall back to $1000


30 buy-ins

SnG Multi table & MTT's**

45 man - 30 buy-ins
90 man - 50 buy-ins
MTT's - 100 buy-ins
45 man turbo - 45 buy-ins
90 man turbo - 90 buy-ins
180 man turbo - 180 buy-ins
MTT turbo - 200 buy-ins

Good luck to everyone in 2013 may all your decisions be the right ones.

Grade b

* read more in this thread
**see more in this Video