It was an interesting run, with many ups and downs.  And what does it tell me.  Well I have a lot to learn. 

So the stats In 18 days I played  23,928 hands of 5 NL.  Mostly "Zoom" but some slower paced ring games too.

Net result is I lost $35.94 so not a great run.  However given How I played in the past it can be seen as an improvement.  If you take out the posted bb and sb I would be up $150)

What did I learn well, I'm playing very tight overall and could do with opening up some of my range however the book I read recommended limping first in with some hands something which is considered by a lot of players to be a big no-no so that left me a little confused on the whole subject.
• Overplaying QQ, JJ AK preflop- now I'm not saying Never get it all in with these hands I have against loose agressive players to great effect.  No my leak is not using the reads i have made against Tight players or worse Tight passive or Loose passive players who are now 3 betting or 4 betting all in.  When you see someone play 300 hands and the only hand they have ever raised to date has been KK don't you think that should raise some alarm bells.

• Playing too long- ekk over an hour and I start making rotten decisions.

• semi-bluffing and outright bluffing Grade b is ok to take a free card and not give away free money.

• Chasing a silverstar..or gold or which ever, this is a mistake as it had me playing longer and when I should just play the game or stop for a break.  I will amend my 2013 goals to not include a hands peer week or fpp points goal.

What I did well
45 man 25 cent games.  A nice little distraction from the rush of zoom tables.
Starting hand selection by position - ok so you could say I'm now a nit but I'd rather start as a nit and open up than start as a complete spewer and have to tighten up.  Yes I know both stlyes can play well but nit feels more comfortable to me at the moment.
Position  VPIP       PFR
Button   15.64         9.71
CO        14.75        10.22
MP        12.59        10.11
EP         10.95         9.94
BB         14.89         5.82
SB         14.62         7.37

Overall I will say that my December was OK some good spots some bad, gives me some good things to think about for 2013.

Have fun and see you on the felt.


This will be my last update to the old 2013 challage as I am rewritting the 2013 to fit with the new PSO challange vualt compertion, plus a few twicks.


Grade b