So two weeks in and I wish I could say that I have learnt my lesson from week one and now I'm in the black. 

well not yet so in the two weeks I have played 22169 hands (not counting MTT or SnG), I am down $22.09  Interestingly this is mostly due to the last 3 days where I have tried to change my game in accordance with the guidelines in the book No Limit Hold'em theory and practice" by David Sklansky and Ed Miller.  so with results of -$16.47, -$13.37 and -$12.63 you could say that I don't yet have it figured out.

So I have seen some of my leaks.

Over playing AK and QQ pre-flop.  but also over valuing TPTK both of these i will be working on over the next week.

The other thing is I'm playing too long.  I used to play 3 45 minute sessions but while I've been on holiday I've been playing 90-120 minute long sessions.  have installed a free count down timer to try to combat this.

As I write this I sit in 451st Place in the Prem League and will not be playing any more games this month. so two days to fade.  (if I can make under 500th its $20)

I have also played 22 45 mans (mostly 25cents but includes 5 $1) and I'm in profit of $4.30.

Well that's it for now, I'm waiting on the postman to bring my brand new copy of Harrington on cash games but right now my 45 man is starting....

Grade b