So I joined 175 other hopefuls at 8pm ET on Sunday to Play the next Phase of our Premier League journey.

Normally in the League games I like to start the tournament playing tight, but even for me 17 hands and A7o is my best starting hand (it was also my first hand) is a slow start.  You will have to forgive me when hand 18 jumps up give the complete cardeadness it looks a lot bigger than it really is

So middle position and I 4 x'ed it What was I thinking, My standard raise is 3x but i will throw in a random 4 or 5 from time to time.  I guess I'm lucky no one wanted to play.

so back to card dead don't play another hand for 30 mins or so Blinds up to 60/120 with a 10 ante KJ on the Button so

So Villain 8  who i know from earlier in the week plays pretty standard TAG, makes a standard just more than raise UTG and I for some inexplicable reason think I can get him to fold so after the near insta fold on y part I'm thinking.."well if this is how I'm going to play its back to the open for me" and other such cheery things.  Next hand I get AJ and go all in, in the cut off to take 500 chips so maybe some game left in this one if i can pull it together.

very next hand..

As i play came around to me i looked at 2 x ing or even 3xing but decided that having played the last 2 hands one folding on the flop one no call, that an all in would look super bluffy, I guess Villain 8 agreed.
Looking through the hands after than I think they were pretty standard, Like to share this one mind..


anyonther hand I ummed and erred over min raise there looks super strong 3x leaved me committed anyway so why not go for pressure.  He said after that it look like a bluff, but maybe he was just being nice.

My exit after 3 1/3 hours and 167 hands

Should gone all in pre not that the outcome would have changed but still a mistake there.  Also at the time I was happy enough with the result (I finished in 13th), but it is a league and maybe I should have held on for the final table.

Conclusion  Overall I feel I played well but.. and a big one at that misplayed the second (playable) hand I was dealt.  I was not in that bad a shape even given how card dead I had been and had only been on the table 6 or 7 hands so could not even use my super tight image, this kind of reactionary thinking of oh no i should have more than my starting chips / more than the average is probably why I crash early  in many tournaments as I over commit with medium hands (does this sound familiar).  It is something I will definatly look at in furture games and hope I can cure quite soon.

Grade b