So played 5NL zoom for 1136 hands Played for about 1 1/4 hours and on the surface i think i have something to boast about....

$15.14 up nice little start..I could bang on about how I'm crushing 5 NL and how all my AA and KK held up how I would have made over $20 if some joker had got over committed with his A3o to bust my QQ.  Now lets be honest 99% of us would feel I was justified in that.

so how do I fee I played ...ok  agressive but maybe too agressive I'm taking a break to look at some hands right this then i might play some more or maybe go play my new old fav (Baldurs Gate).

Ok so whats the C All in Adj stat say Grade b?
$2.79 up. 

Ok so for those of us who are unsure (this includes me) This means I made calls (all in?) when I was behind and got lucky.  In fact i can trace these to 3 big hands.  QQ v's AA 3 times (i have the QQ) one i'm all in after i make trips but the other two i'm all in pre. 

I made a flush a FH and Trips to beat the odds in all three hands

Villian 1 is playing LAG alought i have only a few hands on him to back this up Villain # on the other hand is playing TAG again based on 65 hands of 5NL zoom.  So my thinking Pre was not worried about Villain 1 and Villain 3 is BB so does he think I'm raising on position alone and so re-pops me?  Well no he has the best hand possible, after that flop i think its safe to say all the money is going in.

Viallian 1 was playing TP (in 43 hands ) and i just plum missed it this is a huge leak  This is the first time i have seen this player make a raise and its a big reraise.  It's a bad play by me.  (I'm Villian 7)

ok so i'm the button, and to be fair i've never come across villain 2 before  why I'm i listed as villain 1.  Maybe min raise from the SB should raise an alarm but given the play you see on 5NL it didn't.

so did i play the whole session horribly  NO.  Did i play well...maaa well enough to be ahead a 5NL but need to improve if i hope to make an impact with the sharks in 10NL 16Nl and beyond.

so some weird random stats for this session i played VPIP 10.78 PFR 8.21 (I'd be labeling myself TAG in zoom)

Grrr position with highest Vpip was SB (Big Big leak of mine) 12.98 which is an improvement.

My biggest win was with ATs which was another weird hand, but one I think I played ok.

So villian 5 is a TAG have just over 600 hands on him so i figured with his flat he will give it up to a raise so i do, only to be insta raised by villain 8 grr a player i have no history with but who has position on me i'm going to give this up and well played sir.  Except 2 more callers to sweeten the pot, ok I'll call and pray to the poker gods for 3 hearts...
YES  only two but Thank you flop...

Check to raiser ..hmmmm not bet AK or AJ  or mid pair maybe semi bluff time oh wait its 4 way lets not...

Turn .. Woohoo  so I call in retrosepect i think a check Let villain 8 bet draw in the other two and raise it.. but no i go for the raise get reraise and the other two decide the fun is over .

so my biggest loss $3.99  QQ v's (spits at ground) A3o

No hands on Villain 9

other tipbits

Had AA 7 times won all 7
KK 4 times won all 4

QQ 5 times won 4 of them

JJ 8 times won 7 of them.

Sorry everyone if this is not very readable its primary purpose is to get me thinking about my game.

Conclusion QQ is a great hand!!  no wait I mean don't just look at your own hands look at what your Opponents are doing and use what you know about them

Grade b