Concentrating on Ring game (Zoom)  for the  Start of the year.

Base line 5nl then shot at 10NL with bank roll of $240 fall back at $200
$464 shot at 16NL, but have to move down to 10NL fall back  $400
$740 first shot at 25NL, but have to move down to 16NL fall back to $640
$1200 first shot at 50NL, but have to move down to 25NL fall back to $1000

Aiming to clear 12000 hands each month (as its zoom this seems easy may have to up it)

2 hours a weekday (but will play single table if I get a deep run in an MTT) - more on weekends dependant on family
One MTT per week

No sit and goes for the start
Play the Premier league

Play the Micro millions games
1 book per month
4 videos
I will keep a daily total and weekly review.
4 hours of hand review


Grade b




also i'm looking at answering a question.  What is a good buy in amount in Zoom.  I used to bu y in for 100 BB but after a chat with an other player he said that if i played agressive (which I do) a lower buy in may work so i have used 50 BB and 60 BB.


Not sure if its had any effect so as an aside i will have the first 10000 hands as 60 BB then 100BB and then 50BB and see if there is any noticable differance.