Hi All,
A short entry for this to go along with roughly how long I lasted in most of the series games I played.  On the plus side it was a great series.
I like many others played both the money and the play money series, and the competition was fierce, I'm glad to report.  It was nice to turn up to the table and see names not only from the forums but from home games.  As I'm playing I'm thinking to myself ok watch effsae in seat one, oh and Sandtrapp in 3 don't try anything against JWK in 4, CHilli 4 u in 5 has got to some final tables in this you know she is  dangerous, then there is Horsewoman, annie, 3rd again, buzzliyear.  I could go on but I'll run out of space.  You know the saying if you can't spot the fish at the table?  I felt like that fish every time my table opened up.
It was a blast though with some really good and tough players there.  Needless to say I don't have my name carved onto one of those bracelets although I still have one game to go today, the main event play money.   
So what made it so fun to play?  I think knowing the caliber of those playing, knowing you are playing thinking players, who are not only serious about their game but are willing to take time to help others improve their game too. 
I can't wait for next year's series,
Grade b