Hi all long time no post so after falling off my poker plan and playing when mad as heck.  i need a reboot so here it is Have redone my poker goals (haven't been following them for 2 months and my  focus will bear that out.)


Increase my  knowledge of poker MTT's  ,cash and sit and go's.  To do this I intend to study  Videos and read various books.  I intend to Start with cash games to build up my  bankroll. 

Monthly goals

Restrict cash table  play  to 2 x 2 hour sessions reducing to 1 x 2 hour session in September.  Add an  extra table in each month currently 6 tabling cash games .
Play home games  and MTT's out of the 2 hour window.

Weekly goals (July  )

28 hours  (max ) cash games
10 mone games
4 MTT's
2  videos and 1 book
1 hour of hand review

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so been at this for 11 days and doing ok.

I have played 7300 hands in last 11 days.  Mostly 6 tabling but some times 4 some 2 and
for 1 hour 8.  I found the 8 too distracting as i'm currently working on table / player reads.  I'm getting better at typing players and have found at this level a simple rule of thmb to be true. (for 1/2 nl tables&nbsp:wink: )

Passive players tend to call a lot so value bet them. when
they lead or raise they have it so what is you hand worth now (ok so even
though i know this i am still calling too much with mid pair or flush draws to
see sets top top or worse.


TAG's (and Nits) - tend to be ABCas thats the basic model
i'm coming from its easy to take a pot away when they range misses- good
candidates for playing that speculative 89s hand against, good candidate for
folding AQo or AJo against (cos you is crushed baby)


LAGS - my favorite folks at the table not afriad to call a 3
bet  4 bet or 5 bet with KQo (seen far
worse to) or to bluff with air.  Don't
mind calling with middle pair here or a draw as they will give me good odds and
play with far worse.  Lost a few stacks
to monsters won several more to calling bluffs.


I have also noted 2 players who i tagged red.  Had then as TAGS, but they play tricky -
these are the two players i want to be like....I have a way to go yet but hey
i'm getting there.

Grade b