Yesterday morning I was feeling very good about my game.  In the previous 3 days I had moved up to $7 STT's and boosted my Bankroll from $350 to $500.  Yesterday afternoon however I took some brutal beats as well as making a few plays i normally wouldn't make.  My  bankroll crashed to $480 and I felt so bad.
So today I log in to PT3 to see what the damage actually is.  Yesterday..
Played 24 tourneys
10x $7 STT's - lost $1.21
1x 4.40 played soooooo bad and lost
1x 2.20 lost
11x 1.50 fifty50 - profit $5.76
for a total loss of $2.35 over the day.
So its too easy to get caught up in the short term results because if i look at the last 12 days for tournaments and STT's I'm up $154.13
Review is good to get yourself that long term look, now i'm off to repeat this 100 times as i have now lost 6 Stt's in a row 5 to bad beats!!!

Grade b