So for anyone who didn't know this Sunday saw the final event of the WBCOOP.  That is World Bloggers  championship of online poker. 

Now I saw it on PSO and saw some names I respect signing up and encouraging others to do the same.  So i looked at the rules, and true to my nature didn't really understand a word of it.  So In the Nightly Tank game I got Effsea to talk me through it.
It boiled down to write a 500 + word blog based on what i would do if i won a writing a 500+ word blog contest (see previous entry).  enter it in to contest then sit back and receive 10 tickets for the Championship.
Couple of days later and the tickets were in my account.  Right now what games shall I play?
Humm due to my schedule I could only pick from about 11 games but that was ok I only had ten tickets, I picked out 10 and asked my wife if she would take our son to Beavers on Monday.  No way absolutely not.  Right scratch that sigh up for 8 game.  I really enjoyed this one.  I never really played 2-7 triple draw very well but played nice and tight and managed to get a $16.50 SCOOP ticket.
Next game was NLHE with 10000 stacks again I had fun played it tight and again netted a nice $16.50 ticket.
I would bore you with all the details but I won 7 tickets over all.  In 8game NLHE HORSE and STUD high/Low as well as one PLO.

1 x $5.50
1 x $11
4 x $16.50
1 x $22
For the modest outlay of 500 words this was well worth the effort.  If  I can bag 7 tickets after 8months study at PSO just think what you can do, you have a whole year to get ready for the next one.  One word of caution though you need to be an active blogger.  But PSO has the platform here so blog away folks.
So what will i use the tickets for ....not sure although the $22 is the right price for the Micro millions main event $1m.  Tempting!

Grade b