$5000 seems like a serious chunk of change so what would I do with it?

First I think I would split it up, $1000 for a trip out for the family seems like a good thing to do, so I can at least show my wife that I have won some money at poker.  I may have to explain it was for a blog not the cards but I don't think she mind where it came from to be honest.

 So we will head down to Niagara this summer, the kids love Marine Land after all and guess what?  They have two yes two casinos there.

I guess that brings me to the next $1000.

 I'm using it to play live and meet up with some of the players I only read about. It's good fun palying in the tank but at least live i can buy then a drink or maybe two. Effsea and Sandtrap777 have been hinting that they would be trying to get a group meeting In the casino in Niagara, so I might just coincide my family holiday to match that date. 

So far I have only played live once, I loved it, lost $40 bucks but had a blast.  With a decent roll to take to the table I think I would have a bigger blast, and of course I plan on growing that bankroll for future trips not only down to Niagara but also Rama which is about 2 hours from my house.

So that leaves a $3000 to my PokerStars  bankroll (a welcome 10x boost).  I was going to say Ii would use careful bankroll management with this $3000 but that's a big old fib.  What I will be doing is splitting it 3 ways.

$1000 towards MTT's and SnG's, I will make a serious attack on the big $11 and be a fixture at the Sunday Storm.  I will play the $7 Single table SnG's to start but plan on Jumping to $15 and onwards and upwards as my roll grows

$1000 towards Ring games I shall play the 25 cent tables and grind up from there.  I have been playing 3 different games recently NLHE, Omaha and Omaha 8.  So far I'm having mixed results so  I can't let the cash jump go to my head.

So far it looks like I'm being good and sticking to a good bankroll strategy and for that $2000 I will, of course There is still $1000 unaccounted for.

I'm splurging with the gift I've won.  I'm playing the Sunday million, as well as several of the Saturday line up games.  so after a few Sunday Millions I'm using whatever is left to play in the big  $27.50 and the big $55 on weekends.

So $5000 is going to do a lot of work for me, I'm sure a lot of folks would say put it all in to the bank roll.  I say spread it around and yes I'll use some to boost my bankroll to the point where soon with some grind I will have $5000 again. 

Some I will withdraw for a holiday and the rest I'll use to grow the bankroll.  Then one of these years soon I might be able to meet up with TheLangolier down in Vegas for the WSOP.    Hopefully we won't meet on the felt until the final table.

Good luck in the WBCOOP games everyone,