So after listening to the advice and playing super tight in the open League I get to play the Premier League.

I have only played one Premier League game and that was at 2am in the month I got a ticket in error.  So I was looking forward to this.

Due to work i can only play the 8pm game but that's ok.  SO i was a bit concerned when i read in the forums  that the Premier is full of the shove monkeys playing any two, but wanted to see for my self.

I have to say the only bad shove i have seen so far was first hand of one game and as it was from me with JJ i cant really complain that much.

I was a little down after the first 3 games all negative points for me, back to the Open sign but i took heart from posts from Ed how it is possible to come back.

Well i have played 9 games now and stand in 133rd place.  
frasierbeams sits in 456th place after playing 15 games.

Why mention him?  Well after  Last nights game he offered me a $100 wager that he would finish higher than me.  I declined, but thought it may be fun to see how we both end up.

So what do i think so far.  So good play seems to me to be tighter than a normal MTT and i'm playing the same after all points is the name of the game.

well that's all for now

good luck at the tables

Grade b