Recently I was thinking about what kind of games to play.  I'd like to get back into cash games but have to be honest been getting my butt kicked so that leaves MTT's and SnG's  Now although I say it myself i have a good micro stake SnG game so maybe I shall do that.
I was playing a fair amount of STT's but after a down swing switched to 45 man games.  I don't like being in a rut so in conjunction with my goals for January, I have picked 1.50 games.  "Why?" I hear nobody cry
Well I currently have a bank roll of $240 so the $1.50 buy in suits my plan, I was considering the $1 level but there is a huge variety of games availably.  Single table 9 man and 6 man 12 18 27 45 and 90 and Knockout at the 9 and 90 level.
So during rest of Dec and January I will Play 100 games, 50 STT's -25 Knockout 25 reg. 20 27 man games
20 90 man games hold 'em .  Plus 10 others I want to try Omaha games too
Start date 22 Dec - Level  $1.50 sit and go's
Watch this space

Grade b