This is a copy of what i posted in Sandtrap777 forum post to follow along and set your own goals see here.

My poker diet For January 2012.

1. I will actually stick to some idea of bankroll management.
    MTT's 100 buy in's
    SnG's  25 buy in's
    Cash following xxFlixxs rules
    2NL $80
    5NL $200*   (I am starting here)
    10NL $400 - Shot at $240
    25NL $1000
    50NL $2000

(and no i don't actual expect to up in this levels during Jan but i hope to follow same rules for the whole year.)

2. Study
     I will study 8 hours of Video and or Live training this month.
     I will read / Study (Harrington on holdem volume 1)

3. Play
   I will play at least ..
   8MTT's this month
   100 SnG's of the same level - (Level to be determined on Jan 1st)
   20 hours of ring games Hold 'em
   4 hours of ring games Omaha
4. Review
  Each week I will review...
  2 MTT's (if played)
  2 Sn'G's
  2 ring sessions
 Where possible one winning and one losing

Grade b.

Big Thanks to sandtrap777 for getting me in motion.