Omaha, what can I say the first time I played, I thought I was playing the board!

That was not that many hands ago.  I have played some Omaha since then, but not a lot.  I do at least know the and well AAKK double suited is the best starting hand after that it's a bit hazy. 

I need help.  So for two week i have been playing cash games Omaha and I did sign up and play in a $2.20 Omaha MTT (I lasted about 10 minutes and went out with King high flush to the A high flush).

I did Google the best starting hands In Omaha and get 2 charts which both give the top 30 hands, shame the two charts are different.  hmmm oh well I am ready.....

3000 starting chips and 15 minute levels at least something is going my way. 120 minute extended registration.   
I have my notebook on my knee and like the good student I am, I'm taking notes very early I have 2 observations about my table.

1. overall the table is playing loose and passive.  VPIP 34% pfr 7%
2. Destinaation is playing 100% hands pre but folding if he doesn't hit.
3. Trusiek is playing uber tight and coming in for a raise.

With this in mind some hands...

Now my read was villain is  a fit or fold so I'm betting he has it.

This was a nice hand for me..

nice flop maybe I could have flat called the flop there but oh well happy to have the chips.

Doing ok but   getting down in chips going have to do something or risk blinding out (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it)

I figured I had 9 outs but was behind.  Major decision on the flop..went for it and phew...breath again.

been playing for over 2 hours now I'm 277 chips up!! .....again hard to defend my play in fact if I'm honest it was a crying call by me I wanted (literally) to throw up

But I have to say this is the hand that got me a cash, why because of my opponents reaction, calling me an idiot (I agree with him) asking if I know the game PLO and pointing out that I played it like a Hold 'em hand. 

All true and i did tighten my game after that wakeup call so TY for the chips and the advice.

At this point I had finished my chores , running around the house with my laptop (I don't recommend it) and I notice the railers (some from USA posting in PSO) now like Skinybutphat  I'm nervous playing in front of my peers from PSO but, I have had nothing but great advice and kind words of encouragement from PSO members so I'm happy to see them there.

Now at this point I can see the money bubble and stop writing down my notes. 

But nice spot for me here note the almost min raise, had raised a few and got moved off we are still 20 (I think) off the money, (and yes i'm sweating somewhat)

Now I guess I could be worried about the nut flush but then again I could just play no hands and hope for the best.

Phew in the money ....

now I'd like to run deep to do that I'll need some chips ok....

Speculative yes but as I said to run deep I need to not sit and blind away, I could but that will not get me onto final table.
After that is fairly standard I manage to more up a bit, play some hands relax a little.

Boom all she wrote got it in good so I'm happy.

I was not joking about the Omaha Its maybe my 4th best game Hold em, Stud, Omaha 8, Omaha, Stud H/L, Razz if I was going to rank them. 

I was glad I got the practice in and basically other than the  silly hands when I felt I was low I tried to play ABC Poker.  I am probably guilty as charged in playing a hold 'em styled game but there's a good reason for that I play far more hold 'em tournaments than any other.  

So over the last two Saturdays I have played 8 tourneys.  I have cashed in 3 of them, Spent $8.08 in the rebuy and made $206.07 for a profit of $197.99.
Wow exceeded my expectations by a bit there, and as well as the experience of some expensive tourneys, I would never get to play at my level I have learnt something very valuable to me. 

I learnt how to analyze my tournament play, by going through the hands in order to make these blogs I went though the hand histories and took stock of my play a skill I have struggled with up till now.
So Big thank you for my railers any good wishes and to PSO for the chance to play.
Grade b