Ho Hum a re-buy .. well i guess as long as it's not a Turbo I'll be ok.  So I did check out the format, it's a 3x turbo.  5 min blinds and the re-buy period is 90 mins.  on the plus side the starting chips are 3000 and the add on is 30000.

I did recently attend a training where TheLangioler analyzed a re-buy tourney and I learnt a few things. 

1. this is not a $2.22 tourney it's a re-buy so I need to make a decision as how much I'm committing.  I will commit to 6 buy-ins and the add on.  But to be honest if I'm I will probably spend more if I need to.

2. Re-buy right at start to get a double stack, which I do.

3. Take the Add-on unless you're in such a commanding lead  it would be silly.

4. Check the auto add-on box so you don't miss it while taking a break, I do check the box and the Double re-buy box and I'm ready to start.
   Very early on I'm moved tables and at my second table 4 players are sitting out.  It really threw me Trying to play 5 handed in a format I'm not really comfortable with.  any way happily for me nice and early I am dealt ....

Okay that has settled the stomach somewhat..

right as I said the sitters where getting to me didn't play many hands early and at 22 minutes made the following note - we are now in level 5. we have 6486players signed up for this and 746 have bust already (and not re-brought).  I can see a few going out early but that seems like a lot of players that were not ready for the re-buy.  oh well on we go.

Playing my normal game hum most loosen up a bit and I do a bit..

after this....


I re-buy sigh K9.
To be fair I'm not even picking up many speculative hands but this one seems like a playable hand..

Blinds are now killing me and I'm playing the clock a bit, anything to get past the 90 minute mark.  ok looks like after this hand another re-buy is coming...

and that did get me out of the re-buy period.  But I'm light on chips even after adding on 30000
I'm still not getting spots to play or hands to play, this hand killed me off to be fair to me i have less than 10 BB to be honest i'm in early position and should have waited until the blinds were through me...

Arrrg.  oh well played for 2 hours, 3 re-buys and an add on cost me $8.08 finished in 2639 place about 1000 places from the money.
Conclusion.  Re-buys are not my game.. and I played like Arthritic duck.  I for sure should not have played the QJ so far out of position I'd like to be able to take that back. All that said if you like turbos and enjoy a looser style that Grade b I can see these being a lot of fun.
Grade b