Yuck, I have tried a few Turbo tournaments and Sit and go's and i have to be honest they don't suit me, I'm too tight for them. 

As a player for 7 years I probably should be able to adapt to different games but let's be honest most of those 7 years I was recreational at best.  In the 3 months at PSO I have worked on my TAG style of play.  And I'm trying a few things to break the standard mold but as I play Micro's TAG is probably best way to go.

So 5 minute blinds but on the plus side it does start with 3000 chips so some wiggle run and play is available.  After my disaster in the timed tourney I'm determined to go big or go home.

With that in mind first level a have blinding VPIP stats of 0, what! that's bad even for me 20 hands and didn't play one of them??? What's going on? Oh yes it's a turbo the first blind level is only 8 hands less than one orbit.  The best hand I had was K5s and yes I want to play more hands but I don't want to donk it up too much.

Ok I'm jumping a beer in my hand waiting for that first hand...

So back into my old habit of playing hands from the small blind (the aspect of my game I am currently trying to eliminate) but that said I haven't played a hand so if he's paying attention he should be giving me some credit.  The Donk bet on the flop I hoped would either slow him into thinking I made the flush or give him license to raise (if he really made the flush).
if he raises here I'm out of there.  Now this is a spot where maybe you let the initial raiser make a Continuation bet (C-bet) and if I had hit flush or a flush draw I would have.  I just thought if he was to C-bet he would make it big and I would have to give up the hand.
Anyway, first hand jitters out of the way, time to settle and play some hands I did play some more than a normal MTT but not losing a lot and not winning lots when this hand popped up.

Ok so after the flop I'm heads up but out of position I make a bet and happy to get the call if not a raise. The turn is a disaster the flush is complete and AQ now got there if not KQ or 2Q come to that, but this is the new aggressive me and I do have a flush draw so I bet again.  On the river I really thought about betting less but figured that the all in was the Weaker looking play.  I thought that a bet of 1000 would look like I really wanted to get paid off. 

So got me some playing chips now..which is just as well as the blinds have gone up again and the antes just kicked in.
Played some more hands lost a little stole a few blinds, then here comes...TT..out of position ..but its the new aggressive me right....opps

Ok so even though Rajtliks play looks strong shoving first to act he only has 8BB's left so should have a big wide range so if i push over the top and get heads up TT will play well against that shoving range.  Seems like G's zee worked that out too.  So pre-flop Rajtlik is 66% favorite to win I'm 19% and even G's is 14%.  and I do it the hard way with the flush I'm sure Rajtlik is still cursing me but truth is he was losing that hand 1 time in 3.  I'm am nicely set and can actually feel a little confident about my chances of running over an hour!! wow.

Break comes and I pour an other beer. then this comes first hand after break (I think)Yes QQ again , i just won a nice chunk of chips with QQ 2 hands before the break...

So feeling good they both have an A so only 2 cards to fade sweet..dang it all what a river, have to say felt bad but not as bad as I might have as not that long done the same thing myself with the 10 10.  I got the money in good and lost its poker. 

For a few hands it did effect my play some but as I said not as much as it might.
This is the hand that pushed me through the bubble, I could have probably folded to a cash but i want to have a chance to run deep

too aggressive well maybe if I'd have gone out I'd have been livid for a while I guess.  But then again better than blinding out.

Now I'm in the money and moving up the levels playing ok and felling happy. a win with AK nice 8000 chips to me opps a loss with 88 ship 6000 chips away..looking for spots, getting down, ok this is the one ...

Bang and that's all she wrote.  Yes I played it out of position but I was way short stack and to be honest should have moved earlier.  Little unlucky that he would call with that but given my good run I would complain.
In summery I planned to play this more aggressively and did so. I got lucky in a few spots and unlucky in others, but the strategy was affective.  Now aggressive does mean you have to call with junk but maybe raise hands you would have called with and try to pick up free pots that no one else seems to want. 

I am very happy to cash in this makes up for my poor showing in the Knockout which I had thought I would run deeper in. 

I won a cool $78.72 to bring my total winnings to $84.66.

I did crack a few more beers and had a good time watching Sandtrap777 run deep.
So far 6 games played 2 cashes which if I'm honest is 1 more than I really expected.  2 more games to play next week, I'll keep you informed on how I do.

Grade b