Nervous about this one it's a big weakness of mine.  I'm just not a great heads up player.  But let's think positive, here we go...

So in poker you should have a I'm not taking I will win but I did sneak a look over 4k to the winner would be nice.  to cash I will have to win 4 games...I know its negative but I'm not sure I can do that.  So my goal for this one is to win one game and not play like a complete novice.

Not sure I can pull that off but I will try.  Right round 1 I'm one of the lucky ones out of just over 2600 entrants nearly 2000 get a bye in round one.  but I have to play a titanic battle. 
We started more or less standard

In Heads up the player on the button is in the best position so unless your opponent raises you should play any two cards.  It also helps to remember you will only hit the flop about 1 time in 4 (this does mean your opponent hasn't hit the flop two times in a row, but bare it in mind.

so with that in mind I play the brutally hard hand out of position..

I didn't show as why give him free info. 

Heads up I could have checked the flop but then what to do if a heart does hit.  No I don't think he had hearts or he would have called but if he does have a draw I want him to be paying to get there.
a good hand for me and probably a pivot point in the match

I was lucky he had 2nd pair on the flop an ok call but it keep getting worse and worse.  I guess he was going by the whole your opponent will miss the flop 3 times out of 4.  What he didn't stop and conceder is yes I may well bluff the flop but would I really  fire 3 barrels.  He had no evidence of that and now i'm a 2:1 chip leader woohoo!!

final game of match 1 really plays itself. I can't fault him and I don't think I played it badly.
So time to sit back and wait.

Match 2 lasted for 7 hands nothing wild or exciting until the last hand...

Honestly I think the key here was the Check on the flop, He really didn't put me on a pair and so his 8 looked very good.  The hard part about this hand for me is his pre-flop raise, was that just a bluff or does he really like 87o.

Ok time for me to cook my son some eggs and wait for round 3.

I have to be honest other than the final hand the whole thing played pretty standard.  As you watch the final hand see if you get a feeling of Déjà

So the re-raise should have given off warning bells, but it really didn't, top pair and top kicker probably not good enough to get all in, but at the time it did look good to me.
In summery I enjoyed this one, won two matches which exceeded my expectations.  Yes I over played  the final hand but other than that I don't think I played the final match badly. 

Again if you would have asked me last night I would have told you I did play it badly, but now I have reviewed the hand histories I feel better.

Seems like a good tourney if you like heads up but I may need some practice before I try it again.
Grade b