$22 Countdown
Ok so this is the new style timed tourney.  Two hour max, sounds nice and simple I think I could play nitty tight pick a few spots and sneak home with a tidy profit.  So let's open up the lobby and take a peek at the structure.  3000 starting chips that's good, 15 minute blinds excellent, my strategy is right on target.  Starting blinds 50/100 and ante 10.

That's like level 7 in most of the tourneys I play.  My strategy called for this to be the second last blind not the first it's almost like PokerStars knew my plan and wants to force me to play more cards.....
So how will I approach it I had to grab the calculator 3000 / 100 = 30 so I start with 30 BB that's not bad but factor in that I lose 90 chips every round then... hmmmm.

Right my new plan look to double up early then play ABC...

Sounds good right but during the actual game I really just played TAG till I got low and had to push.
Now this is another tournament where I didn't pick up a how bunch of hands and played ok (ish).  But given the structure i should have played more agressive, the power of reviewing your play.  So i need to change that i played poorly given the hands i was dealt i should have been more agressive yes i may have been knocked out earlier but at least i would given myself a chance.

So hands that i made a note of KQs folded to me looks so pretty,

With the all in, suddenly it doesn't look so good.  Now I have to admit I didn't run this through my head in super speed at the time, So let's do it know Hero is me 17BB's left.  Villain has me covered and has seen me playing tight and seen me show down no hands. He is playing lots of hands 50% But only raising 12% of them.

Now if he's not bluffing here and going all in with all of that 12% he is a has 55% chance to win the hand.  I had to risk the rest of my stack 2310 to win 3255. so with a 45% of winning I probably should have shoved here, especially if I was sticking to my plan. 

Sigh on to the next hand well actually I didn't have any great hands after that I did pick up QQ and shove but got no callers.
The final hand was this one

yes its 22, yes I'm out of position and yes i was sitting there going fold, fold please fold.
I had a decision I'm down to the 10 BB mark, the end is still 75 minutes away so I have two choices I play my pair and hope if I get a caller they have AK or similar, or wait till I'm in position  and shove any (semi ok)hand.  Yes if I had to choose again I think I might wait. I do have 10 bb and I have to get through 8 players. if I'm on the button I would already know how 5 of them feel about their hands.
In conclusion I didn't really stick to my plan and that KQ hand was probably the spot to go big or go home.  As I have found out over this things you can't be waiting for the cards because they not always coming and if you do only play them then it's an easy fold for the others.  true as he shoved all in he could had AA or KK but the more think about it the more likely he thought he could get a tight player to fold....guess I'll never know but I'm going to stick that hand in the hand review section and see what everyone thinks about it.

The good thing that came from this is it did give me that insight that if I hoped to run deeper in the Turbo game I was going to have to open up and force some steals across.  Did it work well i let you know later.
Grade b