$27 Eliminator
Humm played for 90 minutes and played 9 hands out of 91, might be a little on the tight side.  But I have just finished reviewing my hands (I use Poker Tracker 3 but others are allowed you can read more here.. http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/room/prohibited/) and now I actually feel happier, I really didn't get dealt great hands to play. 

Yes the table I was at was aggressive, but to counter that I felt I needed hands.  Why well say I knew I was card dead and was looking for spots so maybe I'm going to speculate a little more with suited connecters or gapped connectors... this hand was early on and might then be one of those speculative hands, yes there is a raise but blinds are cheap and two players in if I had called may tempt more into the pot too.  (we want more folks in the pot with this hands preferable cheaply too.)

A note about my bet sizes.  With PokerStars you have the option to set the bet sliders, so I have mine set at 2.2, 2.5 and 3.2 Rather than the "standard" 2, 3 and 3.5.  Why just a habit I picked up watching some videos and live training, makes the odd person go umm what that much?
 I tend to use 3.2 during first few levels and 2.2 in later levels, as its cheaper when going for a steal.  The reason I use the slider rather than type in a amount is it helps me play the same amount whether I have a monster, a speculative hand or a cold stone bluff.

So hand 64- yuck yuck yuck

So in my notes I had written fold the flop or raise, i have top pair here but not a great kicker so a raise here would have shown I liked this hand and put the question back to my opponents? Do I think b()kito would have folded, not sure but Ricky Days should have.

Finally i pick up a real hand

Ok so not in a great position, but as it folds all the way around blind I'm feeling good.  The check on the flop gives me some hope he does have an Ace so I bet.  Dang it all turn brings a second over card and he doesn't really look like he wants to get away.

 I could rep the Ace here but not sure he's not chasing the flush.  he was reasonably aggressive, but after the 2 calls I put him on something.  Given what he did have what would I have done if he had raised pre-flop given the cards I was getting I'm guessing  I would be all in and out there.

Final hand...
I have a note in my note book here that says cannot get started, maybe I should have waited but probably not....

I was happy to get it in and see I had two live cards, I would have been happy to see a whole bunch of folds too.

in conclusion.. (ok I wrote my conclusion first, now I will add a bit at the bottom as i have finished my review) the first part I wrote I will put in square brackets.

[I'm not real happy about this one.  But to be honest I can't really say why.  I played for about 90 minutes, and didn't really feel comfortable, I was short stack for a big while which, affected me more than it should I guess.  I was not so short stacked that I was in all in or fold mode but I just felt uneasy. 

I have not played many knockout games and those would have been single table Sit and go tables (STT) ($1 or $3) which I have to be honest I played exactly like I would and regular STT.  Is that the best policy for a $27 dollar buy-in well maybe but didn't work out in this case.

Had that nagging feeling that if you go all in you don't knock anyone out.

Now all said I still had fun playing its just I think I could have done better.  So important point, whatever type of tournament you are going to play make sure you have the proper bankroll for it.  Different people say different things but the one I go by for tournament play is 100 buy-ins. this means that if we get a bad beat, or in my case play bad,  it's ok, we still have room to shrug it off and let it not affect us.

You can find more out about this here..


So an addition to my conclusion.. Well having actually worked through the hands I was dealt and the hands that I did play I feel a lot better.  Yes a VPIP of 10% kind of looks like I'm a scary cat but when you look at what I was dealt man I was playing loose, my hands I actually played were. AKs (woohoo,) KQo twice, KJo, KTo, JTo, TT, 88 twice.  So having reviewed I feel ok, Played didn't do great but now feel i played it ok.
Grade b