So the 3.30 Saturday Micro was the one I most was looking forward to as it is the closest to the type of tourney I'm used to playing.
15 min blinds and a full table, the big difference is the prize pool is a lot higher.  The play is similar to the 7pm 1.10 or the big 2.20, at least that's how it seemed to me.
So that said I was happy to pick up this hand straight after showing down AKs to win with A high.

I fell into super nit mode for about 5 rounds making very few plays but to be fair to me picking up very few hands.
I was very pleased to see this pop up in my hand, even more happy to get him all in with his 99

Gutted and but lucky to take the bad beat and still have plenty of chips, I actually took this one in my stride and carried on with only a little wince.

these hands made up for that

In the 10 10 hand I think Peleb was trying a semi bluff on the flop but at that point i had all ready committed to the pot (i was happy I didn't go crashing out its true.)

Around this point i went back to chat screen and noticed Effsea was railing me Ty for that Effsea (hiccup)(later I found out he was also in the tourney, sorry I didn't come rail you in return sir.)

Here I was playing in position, but with the in  jam suddenly my hand does look as good, at best I'm probly in a race and a small underdog, just sigh and let it go.  (if I was short that's a different matter and its jamming time)

A pretty looking hand can get you in trouble if your opponent tends to get over committed to pots..

Not that I can blame him with his stack, second nut flush draw on that flop must have looked sooo good, I wish he had made the flush with mine. (teehee).  honestly not sure how good a play this was by me once I had started i was committed to the pot but I dropped nearly a 1/3 of my chips with a 2:1 draw hmmm those dang pretty cards can get you in trouble sometimes.
A similar hand about 6 hands later on the flop I was already making notes on my final hand unlucky bust out....

but the real final hand was this one

now normally I'm not playing 910 suited in the SB on the button sure if its cheap and 4 guys have all limped, but it was folded to me and I figured bluff was in order, when i saw the flop i was in heaven, when he raised i did consider he had a flush too but I was committed at that point to my hand and yes dead with 0% chance to win.

I finished in 1480th place and won $5.94. 

I actually feel good about cashing, a little silly going out with (10 s but given the question would i do it again I think the answer is yes.  I wanted to move up in chips and give myself a good chance at a deep run, not just to sit back and wait for AA (which I had 3 times in my 218 hands, I did win with all 3 of them  2 of them pre-flop)
Summery i think early on first hour you can afford to play Tight but if loose is your style your deep enough to do that too.  This is a good structure for TAG's who like to wait for a spot.  But because it starts with 3000 chips you don't have to get married to 1 pair hands and can (more easily let them go.)
I had a lot of fun and big thank you to my 2 rail birds and anyone else who is giving me your support though out this. Oh and thanks to PSO too for the tickets yes but for getting me to a point where i didn't make too much of a wally of myself at the tables.
Grade b