Ok my thoughts on the first ticket i used

As I sit at my desk and write this I have played 3 of my games and I'm signed up for number 4 in 30 minutes.  The 3 I played I enjoyed and hope the same will be true of the rest.
So I played for 55 minutes in the 6 max game.  I'm not a 6-max player, but do know that the range needs to be looser than a full ring.  One thing I hadn't fully appreciated was how fast the play was. I mean I knew being 6 max it would be faster but still took me by surprise.  In the 55 minutes i was in the blinds 25 times 12 SB and 13 BB.
I started slow to get a feel for my table, the table started aggressively.
Nikolabet was very aggressive with his flush draw but not worth making a not as he was now out.  I did make a note on how Pro1612, played his top pair top kicker and the fact he was even in the mix with A9o. After about 15 hands I readjusted my read on Pro1612 as an over aggressive maniac as his stats had dropped to about 27/22.  He seemed to be picking good spots and i was wary of him.  At the same point i had stats of 22/11 which is really high for me at the start of a tourney, but good in these.
This was the second hand I played but the first I won (hand 5 of the torny),

It was only hand 5 but I had VAN DENIS pegged as a fit or fold tight passive guy and Deniska as a loose passive.  As I said its only hand 5 but unlike for Pro1612, this option didn't really change much for these two.
During the second blind level old habits crept back and I tightened up without really meaning to.  I just Started to play like I would in a regular freeze out.  I haven't adapted much beyond TAG style yet.
I had marked this hand for review s you can see everything looks fairly standard but.....

I had just noticed how nitty (tight) my stats were getting and was considering re raising Deniska who had been stealing my blinds a lot.  but with the re-raise from Voukefalas I did think about calling as he was Mega loose 48 / 35 and 55% from SB but in the end let it go as my hand was so loose what would I do on the flop.
I wish I could say that that decision spurred me on to some great calls but.....
I was slowly bleeding chips over the next 30 hands till this Gem came my way..

Ok so easy for me to say now I was beat by the K but given his range to call the flop he could have flipped over 8x, maybe I should not have bet the turn, but then he would have probably  jammed the river.  This was not the last hand as 20 hands came after but it left me so short I was looking to jam my stack.  I did pick up AA but got no action and finally last hand before the break came ...

Now I have to admit with the blinds at 30 and 60 I really didn't have to play this hand but as i said before Voukefalas was playing like a super maniac and QK looked like a nice double up spot at the time.
In Summery a faster game than I'm used to and one i might have over adapted to maybe I should have stuck with a TAG style but let's be honest after the flop i only had to fade 3 cards to nicely set again.  I played ok, not great but I hope I didn't show PSO up too much.