Ok so its 7.35 pm on Tuesday the 29th of November.

For nearly 8 hours now i have known i was the 2nd Player of
the week. 

I finally logged on at work and there on the home page was
my Avatar (my fav pic of him still ).  I

Obviously at work I shouldn't be doing poker things but
still, I log on in quiet moments, it took me 2 hours to actually log in. what
would I say? How do I feel.


Well I'm sure by now most of you have read my post on the
thread.  I mean every bit, it is great
here.  I sometimes feel strange posting
poker advice and yet good at the same time.


(to anyone who actually tried to follow any of my advice I'm
very very very sorry.)  I feel on safer
ground directing  folks to the live
trainings which I myself love, or the videos.

I think in a post some all of two weeks ago I stated that If
i was to win I'm not worried what type of tournys they have after all its $150
of freeroll.  mind you when i said that
not sure I thought I would win.


So now it's here and I have NO CLUE how to play Omaha, Or
Heads up or Timed as for Rebuys, ba ekk help, help my heads going to explode......


ok i got a drink and am calm.. (just dinked second in play
money STT PLO (its that going to play like $55?)

I'm sure the regs in the $22 (man that's like 1/4 of my Bank
Roll) can't wait to grasp my cash, oh yeah wait it's not mine its Poker stars,
and I get to play these 8 (hopefully 16 if I can string 2 words together and
pick some spots) so i shall take Ahar010's advice and enjoy the experience.

Does this mean I plan on playing like a fish.  No of course not but if I do play less than
stellar, when i review, I hope to learn from it.

Not for no reason are MTT's said to have the highest
Variance, so do I expect to donk on to every final table, no, I mean I be happy
to run good in a few (please).

Ok time for me to do some research into these games what
time do they start and what is the format seem like good places to start.

Grade b