Hi all,
Was thinking about perspective today.  What brought this on well a bad weekend of poker, or at least what I thought of as a bad weekend of poker.
As I'm playing in the final game of the Cowboys Corral I'm typing what a bad weekend for poker for me,I should take tomorrow off and not play.  So far so good doing some analysis instead.
Right over the weekend (Fri - Sun) I played in 39 Tournaments or Sit and Go's which cost me $31.40.
I won $25.23 so overall lost $6.17
It breaks down to 2 big 2.20's which I only enter on the weekend - lost both
7 $1.10 buy ins including 4 of which were home games with smaller fields of 12 (about) - cashed in 2 profit of 4.86
10 1.29 9 man games lose of @8.04
16 23 cent 45 man games profit of 1.47 - this also completed my cowboy challenge for November falling short of a winning score but in the black over 100 hands which given the slide I went on between game 33 and 77 was huge for me.  I was down nearly $3.00 Having been up nearly $5.  and finished the run 4.75 up.
So was it a bad weekend, well i didn't win, but the sample is too small. i need to pull back and look at say November.  hmmm $9 down in November.
If I go back to the start of the current database I have, 17th October then what...ooo Up 24 bucks.
ok so what have i done recently that was different from the last month?
I started playing single table sit and go's instead of 45 man games (and for higher stakes.)  Lets just look at them.  Just taking those into account over the whole database lost $12.85 in 31 tourneys.
Ok I will go and look at them but for now I shall keep playing the 45 man games as that is what I'm used to.  
Grade b