Hi all,

So played in two home games yesterday in the cowboys corral (well worth a look PM19honu62 for an invite).

 I came second in one by playing a tight very ABC style yet in the second game i branched out and as a result ended up out after 15 hands.
I tryed to get fancy and did the following.

Those of a nervous poker disposition should look away.

Now what I was trying to do was represent a Big Pair or AK preflop and use what I considered to be a good tight image, becuase i had played with the villian in the previous game.

  Well that said I should have shut down after a continuation bet failed on the flop, but i didn't stop and reevaluate I just plowed ahead with my bluff. 
This might have worked had he not flopped trips but then it might have not too.  So from now on i will be sticking with a ABC TAG style. 

At least for a bit.
Grade b