So this weekend really sucked.

I dont have the figures here in front of me (i'll check when i get home.)
Played over 30 25 man sit and gos cashed in 4 min cashed 3 of those.
Played around 1200 hands of 6 max lost about 6 buy ins (600BB) and yet i think i played well Except the last two hands where i shoved !!!

So all in all a down swing this weekend and all those lessons on bankroll management are out the window.  I got frustrated and played up yes frustration and lack disapline.

I must practice good bank roll management

I must practice good bank roll managment 

repeat 100 times.

ok today reply some hands make notes and then play 2 25 90 mans and after 1 table of 6 max take a deep breath and breath out.

I hope the next post is all about my up swing, or at the very least that i handled the down swing better.

Grade b