Thursday 15 sept.
Only 30 MInutes then have to go out, ok try a turbo.  No normaly i'm too NITTY and end up blinding out, so instaed of the normal 4 STT's i'll only open 2.
Actuall went well played 28/27 in one and 23/17 in the other.  Was finding far more spots to steal in in fact
maybe too many spots.
Knocked out in 4th in one with Q10o 20 BB and a 44Q rainbow flop.  Opponent had pocket J's.  He had used my agressiveness work for him and checked the flop.  I bet 3/4 pot he shoved i was commeted and called.Made a change and added some flop checks in other game. 
the other table included a player who on second hand busted 2 players and then sat out with 4370 chipsuntill we were down to 3 players.  He woke up and shoved first hand back. i had TT and called he had K6o.  Of course he hit his ten but i busted him a few hands later to go into HU with the lead.
Stayed agressive stole and restole, and after a few all ins won.
so more agressive early in turbos
Grade b