I just spent Christmas with my wife's family.  As a stocking stuffer, I gave myself two fresh decks and decided to bring them along to my wife's aunts house to test the in-law skills. 

It turned into an all-out inter-generational family tournament of penny poker complete with gasps at the turn and full volume screams on many a river.  Before the night was over we had dubbed one of my wifes cousins as the "River Queen" because she eliminated 3 different people in a row on obscure river draws.  My elimination from her came with my 88 to her A6 (offsuit).  Flop was KTT offsuit with 7 on the turn.  I went all-in and she called!  River was a K giving her the high kicker to the two pair on the board. 

No matter - I had more fun this Christmas then I can remember in a very long time and bonded with my wifes family in a new way. 

I got even in the next game and eliminated the "River Queen" with a full house.  Next year I am going to look out for what she has in store for me!

Merry Christmas everyone - happy playing!