Hey guys, I'm 24 years old. I currently am taking a break from school and really confused on what to do with my life. For the past three months i have taken up grinding full time. I live in Central America, Honduras to be exact, and the cost of living here is dirt cheap so it makes it alot easier to make an actual living out of this. Started playing on pokerstars last year around July, and that is where i learned the game. only other poker room i ever played at was FTP where i busted 1k playing $100 HUSNG in2days, ahhhh  the good old degen days!  I'm certain 2013 can be a big year for me as i feel i have improved heaps over the course of this year.

here's a graph of all games, mtt & sng (mainly 45/90 man turbos)




up 3k with an abi of 1.20 is pretty lol. One of my biggest issues is always selling off my BR and therefore never moving up in stakes. This changes now tho! Just signed a staking deal with some sick, sick players from 2p2 and I'm going to get coached for the 180's and move up the stakes till i get to $15's. Created this thread with the purpose of tracking my progress and up the motivation so i can be a crusher in these..! wish me luck and say wuttt uppp!