I is for Injustice.

Thats what I think most people who have tilt issues feel after a bad beat or a 2 outer suckout, or a runner runner suckout or whatever set you off in the first place.  "He rivered me" "He hit his flush draw!".   You feel like you've been cheated perhaps.  Was it really Injustice?  or variance.  Suckouts are part of what makes poker fun, interesting and exciting. That's the truth.  One of your key goals in a poker tournament is to try to make as few mistakes as possible. Let your opponent make the mistakes. If he/she gets lucky (or you get unlucky) and beats you with an unlikely draw, congratulate yourself for playing a better hand of poker.  Seriously, you can't ask any more of yourself.  Shrug it off and tell yourself "Good job".

For some people I is for Irate or irrational.  They just simply lose it.  Call their opponents every name in the book.  Logically this makes no sense (don't tap the fish tank), but if you try to understand their mindset...they are just simply  hurting. They want their opponent to hurt, too. They want to feel better somehow over the injustice that just occurred.  They don't care how or why it happened, they want to lash out.  I personally understand all of this. I've come to understand how this kind of behavior hurts you as a poker player.  How it takes away from your A game and makes you what your trying to mock...a weaker player

I is for inspiration.

I once witnessed Scotty Nguyen fold A-2-7-J double suited before the flop in an omaha h/l tournament.  I was inspired to learn why he did it, and when I finally did I became a better player for it.  Scotty, like most players I know, have their struggles. Nobody is perfect. Being inspired by a better player is important to me.  It keeps me focused and shows me what greatness is possible in the simple game of poker and how much character counts in the greater game of life.

I is for Injustice, but for me, the letter  I will stand for inspiration to be a better poker player and a better person.

what does I stand for you?