"so where's your laptop?" ..."oh..uh..in the garbage..I trashed it." .."what do you mean you trashed it?  your bought it a week ago."  "it's in the garbage. I took a bad beat and I couldn't take it." he said calmly with a nervous laugh. 

I walked outside to the garbage bin opened the lid and there it was.  A blue $3000 toshiba laptop that I had helped my friend buy sitting at the bottom....completely trashed. I reached down and picked it up. I was in awe. I almost didn't recognize it. I opened it.  A piece of the screen fell on the key pad.  I think my mouth was slightly open in shock as I stared at a screen that looked like a bright spider web of cracks and triangle shaped holes. The disk drive had been torn out. I looked and saw it was behind the garbage bin. Next to it was a small square device I didn't recognize. I would later find out that he had yanked out the hard drive as well.

That was one of the most memorable "Tilt moments" I was ever expose to. There are many stories of pros braking computers (and other things) in anger after a bad beat or a bad session  The person who did this damage to his own property is a professional poker player with WSOP bracelets and over 7 figuers in career winnings; yet tilt did this to him. "he laughed nervously" 

What is tilt? it can be many thing things to many people. But in essence it's a loss of control. A path of self destructive behavior fueled by frustration. Like a train, once it starts it's not easy to stop. My NEW YEARS RESOLUTION involves controlling tilt to a point where it will actually bring me joy.  

If your don't have issues with tilt and you play poker as a hobby or as a profession then your ahead of about 99% of players out there.  I believe that a key to taking control of tilt is recognizing the causes and truly understanding why you feel the way you feel when you tilt.  I know your mad, angry...furious!!  HOW CAN THAT MORON CALL ME!!???  but wait...before you jump in that pool of desolation and hating the world, take a deep breath and think..think back. 

I plan to break down tilt in the following blogs entries. I want to focus on understanding variance and many other things we as poker players just cant control. 

"But tilting is a part of the game, man!"  maybe its a part of you . not so much the game and I want as little as possible to do with it.