I love this country but sometimes I wonder, is it really a free country or not?  It's like look at the cookie, smell the cookie , you can't have the cookie or there will be consequences.  Why should it care what i do with my money?  I payed my taxes. Oh thats right they don't benefit from it.  A democracy more like communisim to me. They even want to destroy what our fore fathers put together by ammending and wanting to change the base of this country. They forget to change a foundation of a house you have to tare it down first there no other way. I just wish they stop playing politics and start being a true goverment "for the people" we as american's did our part "by the people". Once again I love this country but goverment needs to improve. I guess many US players are going to Canada or Mexico in order to keep there bankroll going. If I had a nice bankroll that's what I would do and they still won't benefit. The next goverment action can't travel outside the US to gamble. Stay tuned.