Graduated from the .10MTT to now playing the .25 90player sng's.  I find that the 90player sng's are not as crazy, don't get me wrong i was successful on the 360 player games but all to often it was an all-in move that would make or break you and i just decided that i was not learning as much.  Well i learned that you could never really put a player on any specific hand when they went all-in and it usually wasn't just 1 player that would go all-in, it would usually be 3 to 4, so i decided to play the 90 player sng's.
The 90 player games have also been going well for me.  I have already won 2 and placed 2nd in 1, now the payout isn't as good but the stack is still moving in the right direction.
I have also been playing a few other MTT's, now i haven't reached the top 10 in them yet, i have cashed in a few. Placed 347 out of 4400 in one,367 out of 7500 that tournament was a KO and knocked out 6 players and have placed itm on a number of depositors freerolls, my best placing so far was 72nd.
Still haven't passed the SNG or the MTT course but i am sure it will happen soon.
See you at the tables.