As you can see by the title i am not having much luck passing the MTT course, not going to give up and will read and watch the videos as often as it takes until i finally pass.
That being said i am having some good results playing the 360 player sng's.  I finally won one after making the final table on numerous occassions.  The hand that sealed the deal was when there were 5 players left at the final table.  I was utg w/A's i raised 3x the bb, the player to my left went all-in and then the player on the button also followed with an all-in, i had them both covered and called.  When the cards were revealed both of the other players had pocket Q's, so the chances of them improving was small.  I won the hand and had a monster chip lead with only 3 players left.
I also finally made the top 90 in one of the PSO open skill tournaments which jumped my standings to the top half of the rankings.  I am now ranked around 5300 still a long way to go but i will get there. 
I have pretty much given up on the cash games i will occassionally play the smallest stakes possible but only buy in with a $1.
All things being said i may not be able to pass the PSO MTT Course but i am having some good success, i am hoping that when i do finally pass it that i will be winning even more.
See you at the tables.