So things were not going very well, was giving my money away at an alarming rate.  I would like to think that i was just on a major down swing but i think cash games are just not my thing.  I had lost 2/3 of my deposit and there seemed to be no end in near, so i decided to start playing the 360 player sng's, hoping that would change things. 
I have now played about 30 of them and had some success. My bankroll has finally taken a positive leap. I have finished in the top 5, 4 times.  I placed 2nd once and 3rd three times.  I have placed in the money a couple of other times but not sure exactly what position i finished in.
I also finally made the money in one of the free rolls, it was around position 350.
Going to do some more studying.
See you at the tables