Well the first day didn't go so well, as one might expect.  I lost 1/3rd of my bankroll the very first day.  Just a little bump in the road on my journey.  Due to these circumstances, i have decided to move down a limit and go to the full ring games. 
So i am playing the .5/.10 full ring and the experience was a little better, it actually included a bit of a profit for the day.
I also did some more reading, well not so much reading as just watching the videos in PSO and took a few quizes.  Did stuggle on one of them, still a little confused but i did eventually pass it, after taking it 5 or 6 times and my score actually went down to 40% after taking it 3 times, as i said, still a little confused.
I managed to play in 3 tournaments, all 3 of them were the free ones that you get to take when you pass the first PSO quiz, and managed to play for maybe 15min in each one of them, pretty sure the next one i will finish in the top 10 now that i have some experience under my belt.  haha   The only hand that actually got under my skin was when i was called by 2 other players preflop.  I 3 bet all-in with pocket J, the other players had A6o and A4o and of coursr an Ace hit on the flop, poker what a crazy game.

My stats for todays session went as follows:
Hands Dealt-523
Played  22 of 67 in BB(32%)
Played  16 of 67 in SB(23%)
Played  39 of 389 in other(10%)
For a grand total of 77 of 523(14%)
Won 13 of 20 at Showdown(65%)
Won 67 with out a showdown
Not sure how the math works on that but that is what the stats said.
See you at the tables.