I have a dream, that dream is to play professionally, a daunting task considering i am starting with a bankroll of only $300.  I have decided that my game(s) of choice are going to be MTT and NL ring games, 6 player max.
I have joined the PSO and intend to spend alot of time learning everything i can and dedicating as much as i can to memory. 
So lookout poker world i have my blinders on and am focused at the task at hand.  Probably a thousand players have said the same thing before and more than likely 999 of them can't get past the .5/.10 games but i have no doubt that given time(1yr-very optimistic) i will be making my livelyhood playing poker.  I will be dedicating 35hrs a week to playing and 5-10hrs of studying. 
I will be looking for a coach, but that won't be until July at the earliest as i want to have the money in my poker account to pay for the lessons, always good to have a mentor to help you through the stages, somebody who has already gone through the trials and turbulations.
Well off to the tables.......