I chose Session 22 'Dealing with Aggression'  (Definitely need some guidance here)

Langoller begins by advising you to identify the type of aggressive player you are facing.(Hyper aggressive not just the usual aggressive play)

The characteristics of the loose aggressive player (Good and Bad Lags) are explained their thought processes and how they adjust their thinking based on a range of variants. Langoller explains that loose aggressive play can be profitable if it is applied well. He gives examples of loose aggressive professional players,

Adjustments that can made to counter these players is given along with warnings about remaining focussed.

Maniacs are discussed and ways to exploit their play to your advantage by encouraging their mistakes,

TAG Bully (Tight aggressive) is next. Again characteristics are discussed and the reasons it is difficult to adjust to them. They have a wide range and  it's ok to avoid them sometimes with marginal hands.

The summary gives good tips and I think this video is great because it focusses on the players and not the cards.

Even on line you can think about the advice given here and try to apply it in your game. It's definitely a video worth watching if you think you can;t read players when you are playing on line because you can't see their faces. It's opened my eyes to seeing the players through their style of play.