This is my first PSO blog entry. I'm a Senior citizen age 69. I've been learning about and playing poker since I retired in the year 2000. I play 95% online. I've played less then 20 live poker MTTs with $40 to $100 buy-ins. My winnings have covered my buy-ins and fees, however, I have not been able to shown much of a profit. I like most poker related games but Hold'em and Omaha H/L are my favorites. Currently, I'm taking the PSO courses again. I find them good review and remind me to remember "the basics" as I develop my style of play. I still desire to improve my game. I find there are so many really good players now that I may not be able to compete and build my bankroll I hope I can get my act togather better in the near future.. Today I will play the PSO and NAPT freerolls on Poker Stars. Also, two MTTs on Spade Club. I will also be studiying the Odds and Outs course material on PSO. TC ... IceGold