I am having the worst luck. The last 58 times I have been all in with the best hand I hae lost. Players outdraw me everytime. If I have a pocket pair someone with a smaller pair always hits a set, straight of flush. I keep playing suited cards and connectors and can't remeber the last time I hit a straight or a flush that actually won. Today in some games I have lost with a straight, flush a set of 7's and the last tourney I had a-10 AGAINST 9-9. i flopped the 10 and the player rivered a flush. How do I stop this from happening. What do I do. It is like this for the last 4 to 5 weeks. I am so frustrated that I really do not want to play anymore. How does a player avoid all of this, and how long does it continue to happen. How long do you players deal with this. I understand bad players getting luckty making calls they should not make, but how do you avoid the problems I have been having hand after hand. Please someone respond because I am desperate. If I can't figure this bad run out I am going to quit the game. I do not see any reason to continue with a game that is unwinnable. I thank everyone for your suggestions.