I had downloaded Pokerstars for more than a year now and had been playing once in a while since then. However, it was only a day or two ago that I learned of PokerSchoolOnline or PSO. I registered and managed to pass the Basic Course Quiz. I tried the Core Course Quiz and failed to meet the grade. I'll brush up on my reading and try later. I had always thought I was a good enough player. I would call, raise, bluff, and try to play each hand that was dealt. After reading the Basic and Core Courses, I guess I had no idea on what I was doing. I managed to reach 2nd place in the Freeroll tournaments by relying on what I thought was skill but was most probably luck. I'll be depositing real money soon once I've learned the ropes or someone transfers money to my account. Kidding aside, a man could lose his job playing poker. On the bright side, your current job won't probably make you a millionaire. Enough said! I;m on my way to getting that big pot in the sky!