100 Event Challenge - 100 x $0.11 - wcoop/GTD money tournies



Well i think i will give myself a little challenge to try for during this month, I am gonna leave $11 set aside for tournaments with an $0.11 buy-in.  I am gonna try and play as many of these as i can, switching between the GTD money tournaments and the wcoop ones.


If i manage to get lucky during 1 of my tries, i am hoping it comes during the wcoop sat's, i am gonna try a few of those as well, hopefully i will get lucky and quite possibly win my way into a seat (big Dream) to wcoop.


Either way i am gonna try this out for my own personal challenge, I will try and update this with some results of my attempts if i do start on it.  I hope to build my bankroll a bit if i am manage to be succesful in this endeavour.


Anyways good luck to all doing what your doing and wish you the best in bankroll building.




Well 6 tournies later no good yet.

tried 4 x wcoop kickoff sat's with no luck, I forgot to leave myself a little extra for a buyin or 2, but maybe that will be for next time if i decide to try again.

Also tried a $200 GTD tounrey, not sure what i placed, but got $0.22 back for that.

My next 1 was a $150 GTD which i came nowhere near to placing.


For some reason i keep seeing people going in with garbage hands and knocking out people with actual strong or strong made hands.  I can't decide when to toss chips in since quite a few hands will almost make me go all-in.

The fish need to play different tournies, lol stay away from where i play, make it easier for me to decide and not having to worry about going all-in with each hand.


Pick and choose a good hand not some garbage to knock yourself out with or in the hopes of making a hand with your garbage, just toss it and wait for a good hand.


Bahhhhh that's my lil rant !! good luck all