I actually forgot how long this has been running now, but i finally finished 2 parts of the collection.


I have collected all pieces for the Cristiano Ronaldo and got tickets for those, which i think is 9 tickets. (sadly no money)

The 2nd set i collected is the Ronaldo Nazario one and that one gave me 9 tickets as well (no money or golden ticket)


So my next step is to try and get 8 more pieces for the Neymar Jr collection (1 ticket so far).

This part is where i think i will struggle a bit since my bankroll wasn't very much to start off with, but if i play it smart and all i just might finish this whole challenge off.


I am kind of hoping 1 of these pieces will also get my golden ticket (highly doubtful) or any kind of money as part of doing this.

Anyways good luck to all who are collecting and wish you all the best of luck in getting money and tickets for collecting.