I have been playing some 9man Sng's with some luck and a 18 person one i think it was, anyways long story short is i ended up winning X 2 $3.30 tickets.  I am by no means a professional poker player, but i have to admit i got pretty damn lucky during those games.


I am glad for the turn of events, makes up for having a day or 2 of bad turn outs in other tournies, but oh well i guess that's they way the ball rolls or what not.


I think i will try and play SnG's a little more that i usually do, i seem to do slightly better in a STT compared to MTT, but i don't mind sitting through a 5k plaer tourney or whatever the numbers are.


I just have to learn to be a bit more patient when it comes to deciding which cards to raise with and what cards i can just toss without worrying if i made a bad choice or not.


Good luck all on the felt.


Rank 1933 OSL - May need to try and play a game or 2 if i drop out of 2k range.  I am hoping i place in top 100 if i do have to play in order to saty in top 2000.