I played 2 games tonight in OSL, the first game wasn't too bad but i think i lost points, so i waited until next tourney to register.  I was hoping to at least make it to maybe 300 or so to maybe recover some points.  



Well i did a lot better than i thought i was gonna do, i managed to squeak out a 4th place finish for my last osl game of august.  That has to be the highlight of the month for me, i never finish that high in osl tournies, but i guess there is  a first for everything.


Well after a few days of crappy finishes in OSL tourney, i have placed 65th and was sitting at 3k or so standings, I am hoping that finish will bring me closer to hitting 2k mark overall.




I found it a bit easier going through this time and managed to get a good stack to keep megoing through the couple breaks.  A few times i thought i was gonna exit early, but my cards held out for the win.


I had fun tonight and i understand why some people think pso teaches players to be tight, but i found all people were playing good hands for the most part except for a few that would call with garbage, those ones made a fast exit.


I hope everyone had fun today aand wish you all the best of luck on the felts today.


Thanks if you actually read this sad little post of my journey through pokerstars lol



OK, After noticing my rank in OSL dropped a few hundred after a bad game, i decided to stay away for a day or 2 and refresh myself.  I registered and played an OSL tourney, i was being patient and folded some alright looking cards, but they were nowhere near what i wanted to play.
After limping with small pocket pairs and stuff for a bit to see if i could make any hands, i decided to test my luck with a small pocket pair and called for $500 or $750 chips (1/4 of my stack).  The flop came and i hit my other card, so thaat gave me trips, looking at board and seeing no flush draws and nothing that could beat me right out, i decided to test the waters and raised to around 500 chips, i had 2-3 callers and figured 1 or 2 of them flopped a pair.

They didn't have me worried, board was set for me to take it all, turn was no good to anyone and 1 more folded when i bet 1k chips and still had 1 guy with me, the river come out and guy hit his 2 pairs, i still had my trips and figured i was good to win the pot, instead of checking the guy bets 3/4 of his stack.  Honestly i got happy when i seen the raise and figured this was best way to get his chips, after he raiseed i decided to shove all-in and see what they would do, after stalling for 15 secs or so they decided to call and we went to showdown where i was able to double up.

After the doubleup i had AK so i pushed for 750 chips and someone elsed went all-in, i snap called and everyone else folded, added 1.7k more chips and next hand was AA, i reraised opponents min raise and added extra for the limpers in pot, so we went to showdown again where my pocket aces held out for the win.
Next hand was pocket 8's, i limped in with this hand for 1200 chips to see what flop would produce, not quite sure what all flopped, the 8 flopped anyways  and i thought this was a good chance to get more people to put there chips into pot as there was an ace there, no other helpers for the ace, my hand was best at the time so i decided to reraise the guy with aces and he eventually goes all-in and i called and showdown comes i win with full house aces and eights.


I won and had a decent run, got knocked out in 300 area of tourney, climbed to 1800 range for osl lb, hard to stay there when you have a bad game or 2. but i am doing what i can to stay where i am.