lol i accepted the 20 vpp challenge, gives me a week to complete and i am happy to say i am passed the halfways mark.  This is a mini goal of sorts since i don't play much online poker since around a month or 2 now.


I was successful in depositing as well, so i have a little starter bankroll, I haven't touched my initial $25 cad deposit, i have just been using what freerolls have given me and i am happy to say i went from $10 usd to $29. 

I know this isn't very much in other peoples eyes, but this is a start for me and if i continue learning and reading more about Hold'em i think i can be a decent player.  My Open League stats for school is on the rise as well, i was stuck in the 15k range for a while until i read and did some of the courses, now i have moved up the ranks and i currently sit around 2200-2300 overall in open league lb standings.


I hope to one day be able to succesfully manage my current bankroll into a huge bankroll if i am able and i also want to hit top 100 in standings 1 day in the future if i continue playing that is.


Good Luck on the felt today Poker players and all you others.


lol got knocked out of open league tourney at #64 when someone called me with K-3 and i had A=K, needless to say i ended up losing the hand since they flopped their 3.  why in the world would you call with just King high??  i wouldn't but it happens i guess.....