Hey all. For my first blog post here I thought it wold be apt to post some thoughts on PLO tournaments as this coincides nicely with the MicroMillions series ongoing at the moment. 

As my first post this will be short and sweet but I hope to continue with some more detailed blog posts in the coming weeks!

So I played my first PLO tournament of the MicroMillions yesterday - it was event #21 the $3.30 PLO 6-max Turbo $15k GTD. While my result was lacklustre I blame that mostly on getting bloodbathed to the tune of $10k at my cash game tables on the side which caused me to lose focus in the tournament. Oops!

I thought there was a lot of value in playing the tourney and plenty of places to pick up chips. The most important difference to note in playing a PLO tourney over regular cash game tables is that you will certainly find yourself facing wildly varying styles of play oftentimes at the same table. You may have a super loose player to your left playing 100% of hands and then two nitty players waiting for the nuts and then one maniac who is raising/potting anything playable - learning how to deal with these different types of players will be of great benefit to someone trying to excel in tournaments (and especially PLO tournaments).

You cannot hope to play the same style of play and succeed for what works well vs a tight player (namely bluffing more and folding some better hands) would be a disaster vs the looser or maniac style players. Keep your eye on your opponents and get some solid reads on them and adjust your play appropriately and it will benefit you greatly. 

Also, do as I say, not as I do! I made the mistake of making a call yesterday holding the 2nd nut straight in a situation where my particular opponent would never be bluffing or value-betting anything worse than the nuts. It should have been an easy fold but I made the poor play of calling off my chips and I soon thereafter busted the tournament. Oh well, there's always the next one!