Well friends, here I am again having poker withdrawls, I'm also feeling the effects of a concussion and whiplash, which makes concentrating very difficult, and thats one thing I found that can save you alot of money and stress on your bank roll.
What is that you say? It's to not play distracted, especially if your in alot of pain like I am right now, or watching tv, or having your kids yelling at you in the background for supper. You'll find youself making bad decisions alot more often and since patience is one of the key elements to this game, as well as concentration, I think the best thing is to play freerolls or very small buyins under these conditions. This is very important so that you dont lose a great deal of money until your feeling better and/or less distracted.
I know, because I have not been playing much lately due to pain, and I'm losing hands and going out in tournys way to early because of it,, a noticeable decline in my game. Therfore I will be grinding the open league here to get back in mental shape,,, a kind of therapy I guess,,,,,,,, Cheers to good health and good poker hands in 2012!!!!!!!!
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