I watched Micro Zooming video by GarethC23. I was playing zoom poker for a while now, and I was very curious how Gareth plays at the micro levels. I learnt a lot from this and improved my game for sure. Live session at micro zoom tables is a great way to learn poker, because it can provide a lot of good hands to review. I liked this video, because Gareth explains every hand and every action he makes so carefully and patient that everyone can understand his thought process . It shows what hands we can open from what position and what line is the most profitable for every hand. We can see and learn how to act in some really tough spots. The players at micro levels are very "creative" as we can see in this video, so the live session is a good way to learn how to deal with them. The most important thing i learnt from this video is to just play my best game, follow my own strategy and look for an optimal way to play each hand. If anyone wants to start playing zoom, this is definitely the video they should watch.